CNC Machineries

MUHARRAQ ENGINEERING SERVICES has Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) Machineries. Manufacturing of molds and Die making are on our business, We can now o_er our client more e_cient and reliable products through our new machiniries.

The following CNC machines are already operational at our workshop:
CNC Machining Centre (Milling)
CNC Lathe
CNC Threading
CNC Boring
CNC EDM Wire Cutting Machine
AEG Spark Erosion

Today the company is in full swing to help our client for their molded products such as:
Plastic And rubber products
Plastic bottle mold
Electrical junction boxes
Closure and caps
Rubber dampers
Fiber Glass products and other related items.
Emblem Making
Cutting of non machinable steels

For more information contact our Engineer and we will help you for sure for machining problems, or email us at:

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