MES Hydraulic Presses


The machine is designed to meet the constant job on oil drilling exploration around Bahrain and the gulf region. In Bahrain where the drilling of natural gas are constant, drilling equipment and all related components are being repaired only in our workshop. It is because we are the only company licensed by Drilco international USA.

Especially the drill collar pipes it is used to bend after using on drilling on the deep ground. And this particular occasion, Ahmed Ebrahim Engineer designed this machine to do the straightening in easier way, and put it back the bend drill collars in operational condition. Machine Speci_cations: 40 Ft. Long Roller Type, 900 Tons Hydraulic Ram (Can Able To Straighten Up To 12" Dia Shaft)


Special purpose hydraulic dishing press designed and built by Ahmed Ebrahim engineer.
It Has A Capacity of 35 Mm (1 3/8") Thk Plate Dishing Capacity, and Can Bend Section of Plate up to 4" (100mm) Thickness, Half Round (180*) From 12" ID up to 10 Ft. ID.

Capable to handle various press works of structural steel members and other machine components. No one in the region has this type of all-purpose press. Only here at Muharraq Engineering Services Bahrain you will _nd it.

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