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Muharraq Engineering Services W.L.L, a company specializing in the procurement, light and heavy machining services, steel fabrication, repair and machining of drill collars and other oil drilling equipment, fabrication and testing of lifting tools and tackles, repair and maintenance of parts, accessories and applicable tools, according to their specifications and complying with the relevant technical standards and other applicable legal requirements.

To reduce the potential effect on product liability, during product development, all relevant safety standards will be identified and incorporated in subsequent, procurement and process control activities. The issues of all instructions will be fully controlled by Quality Assurance requirements. Company will seek to fully understand and exceed customer’s needs, wants and preference and will provide greater value to our customers.

The objective of the Quality Management System is to provide its equipment and services in a manner that conforms to the specified requirements of the company, its customer and all applicable regulatory authorities.

In order to achieve the objective, it is the policy of Muharraq Engineering Services W.L.L to establish and maintain an effective and efficient Quality Management System, planned, developed and continually improved in conjunction with other management functions. The determination of conformity of work to contractual and regulatory requirements will be made on the basis of objective evidence.

The management shall ensure that technical and production personnel are fully conversant with the Company objectives through an on-going training and educational program at all levels within the Company. Company with a goal shall attract and retain at all level, people who represent the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Continuous process improvement founded on learning principles.

The Quality Management System is based upon the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015

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